Eynesbury Senior College

Eynesbury Senior College is an independent co-educational senior high school on Franklin Street in the city centre of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. The college comprises a modern, five-storey, multi-function complex and caters for Year 10, 11 and 12 students.

The college is characterised by its adult learning environment and its different approach to senior secondary education. Noticeably absent are extra-curricular activities, extensive sporting programs, festivals and other activities which are a feature of traditional schools. As a result, teachers are available outside scheduled class times for extensive one-to-one support. Students are encouraged to see their teachers as colleagues and are free to address them by their first name.

Eynesbury is known for its record of consistent academic success. The median Australian Tertiary Admission Rank of its students has been around 87-90 each year with about 95% going on to undertake tertiary studies.

Eynesbury offers the most comprehensive range of pathway programs in South Australia, which provides maximum flexibility in assisting students to gain entry to their chosen degree pathway and in preparing them for academic success at University. As a leading pathway provider for almost 30 years, we have successfully prepared thousands of students for university in Australia. Our specialist approach combines small class sizes, experienced teachers and close academic guidance to support students in academic preparation for university.

Within the city of Adelaide, Eynesbury has an excellent reputation as a leading senior high school. Eynesbury students are expected to be independent learners, but also enjoy significant academic support. Eynesbury High School students are consistently placed in the top 1% of students in South Australia, with more than 99% of them being offered a place at a university of their choice.

The Eynesbury Senior College is a Public university located in Adelaide.
The Eynesbury Senior College was founded in 1989.
The current president of Eynesbury Senior College is Claire Flenley.

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