Best Universities in Australia By Employability

Friday, July 3, 2020

The Global University Employability Ranking has ranked universities in Australia by which ones have the most employable graduates.

Times higher education was founded in 2004 and has provided since then lists of the best’s universities in the world, by subject or by region. It includes amongst 1400 universities from over 90 countries. This makes it the most diverse and largest university rankings there is.

Each chart is built taking on 13 calibrated performance indicators, in order to measure a university taking into account teaching research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

In the Employability chart, nine Australian universities appear. This ranking reveals which universities recruiters think are bests at preparing students for the workplace, given their practical and theorical skills. 

The Top 3
The leaders and best universities are the University of Melbourne, the Australian National University and the University of Sydney. Unimelb has the lead due to its twice-annual mentoring programme, which brings students together with alumni mentors. The programme aims to help students and give them advice about career choices.

 ANU has gain the second spot in the chart because of its chat system, by which each student can consult and ask career advice. ANU also offers an online career development and employability tools, proving student a platform to find career resources.

Finally, the University of Sydney provides fairs to both starting a business of their own or starting a career in areas like law, engineering, IT and investment banking.

Best Universities in Australia By Employability

  1. University of Melbourne 
  2. Australian National University 
  3. University of Sydney
  4. Monash University 
  5. University of New South Wales
  6. University of Queensland 
  7. University of Technology Sydney 
  8. University of Canberra
  9. Macquarie University

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