Why it is important to study statistics?

Friday, July 24, 2020

Most degrees in any type of science--from physical sciences to social sciences--have at least one or two courses in statistical science. Why is it important to study statistics?

In a world where COVID-19 has changed the way we live, communicate, work and travel, statistics play an important role in decision making. Statistical analysis allows experts to learn from data and make important decisions based on that data, such as lockdown measures, opening stores, public space policies, amongst others.

Statistical knowledge, teaches you how use the right methods to collect data and employ the correct analyses, and, sometimes, predict something about the future such as an economic outcome a company or even an entire country may have. Statistics make possible some discoveries in science too.

There are two main reasons why every professional should take at least one statistics-related course. First, statistics can helps you learn from data so you can navigate common problems.

Second,  companies and governments rely on data and information to make every day decisions. Therefore, there is a growing importance in the quality of analyses.

If you want to produce trustworthy analyses whether related economic, political, environmental or health issues, you should take a course or a career in statistics.

5 reasons you should study statistics
If you study statistics as a science, there are 5 reasons why doing so will help you become a more reliable professional. You will know how to:

  1. Conduct research more effectively. 
  2. Develop critical thinking
  3. Read and evaluate journal or scientific articles
  4. Act as an informed consumer
  5. Know when to hire statistical assessment.

Australian Universities that offer statistic courses
Statistics is often offered as a major or as a course in Bachelor of Science related to Math and Finance. You can also find it in several other degrees such as graduate certificates, graduate diplomas and master’s degrees. These are universities where you can study statistics through online learning and/or in-person classes.

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