Coronavirus and marketing: Lessons learned

Friday, July 10, 2020

During this pandemic time, all sides of life have been challenged, and marketing is no exception.

Covid-19 has increasingly changed the way we live. The way we meet, talk, communicate, work… and shop. As coronavirus rapidly remakes the world of consumers, marketing also changes. According to Gartner, 90 percent of Australian organizations have been working from home. 

The main change in marketing life is the consumer behavior. Consumers are now limited in what they can buy, and this has affected retail brands, which have shifted online, or closed. Everyone from businesses to consumers have had to remake their strategies for people who can no longer get out of their homes because doing so is a health risk. 

Whereas online communication has always been quite normal in the Business to Consumers (B2C) strategy, it has not always been the norm in the Business to Business world. Traditional spaces--from workdays, events, conferences, and education--suddenly had to turn to online learning, online working, and online communication. 

60 percent of Australian business were affected by coronavirus, but there’s a silver lining pointing out that the importance of marketing grew. Building a brand, communicate properly with the consumers, and understanding the emotions of who is buying became priorities to a business who cannot allow offline attention to survive anymore. 

The entire world has gone online, and it is likely to never return to the way it was before. Online purchase is a deal we can never get out of, and marketers must incorporate knowledge about the digital world, so their professional profile is updated. Luckily, several of the best universities in Australia offer online learning courses in Marketing

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