Australian National University

Australian National University

Bachelor of Development Studies

The Bachelor of Development Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences is offered by Australian National University.

Program Length: 3 YEARS.

Subjects: 24.

Want to make positive changes and help the Third World? The ANU Bachelor of Development Studies is the right degree for you.ANU is a leader in the field of Development Studies and has established relationships with Australian and international aid and development organisations.You will gain an inter-disciplinary understanding of theory and practice concerning the processes of development in the Third World, with special competence concerning one or two of four areas: Central Asia and the Middle East, China, Oceania, South and Southeast Asia, together with a solid background in one of the relevant social science disciplines.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates have opportunities to work in a broad range of sectors. Some of these include aid agencies, multi-national companies, non-government organisations, government departments and international bodies, such as the United Nations.

Learning Outcomes

  1. identify the theory and principles of development
  2. analyse the practice of development through multilateral, bilateral, government and non-government agencies.
  3. recall critical development issues in particular regions of the South
  4. engage in one of the social science disciplines or a language other than English

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