Degree in Photography: Check out the 2022 Winners of the Photography Awards

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Photographers do a great job in expressing feelings and life in pictures, even some of the photos are worthy of an award. If you are interested in Photography, then you should go over the 2022 Sony World Photography Awards winners. 

Each year, the World Photography Organization takes on a photography competition: the Sony World Photography Awards. This is a competition that started 16 years ago for photographers and artists working all around the world. This award is divided into four different categories: Professional, Open, Student, and Youth. Everyone can participate in this competition and the prize is $25,000. 

The World Photography Organization is “a leading global platform dedicated to the development and advancement of photographic culture.” Its competition aim is to provide the contestants with opportunities to show their works and help broaden the conversations around their pieces of art. 

Some people think photography is just a hobby and nothing else, but this is in fact a complex activity. It has its own features and techniques that not everyone can achieve. In order to be a professional photographer, people should get a degree in photography. If you are interested in earning a degree in photography, then you should continue reading this article to discover where you can get a degree. 

2022 Professional Competition Winners 

Photographer of the Year

The Australian photographer, Adam Ferguson, was awarded Photographer of the Year and won the prize of USD 25,000. He created a series called “Migrantes”, in which a series of pictures of migrants in Mexico was presented. The distinct characteristic of this series of photographs is that Ferguson placed a camera with a long cable and gave the migrants the possibility to take the picture at any moment. This is a series of self-portraits made by the migrants waiting to cross to the United States. 

 Architecture and Design

Winner of the 1st place in this category is the series of photographs made by Domagoj Burilović. The series is called “Dorf” which is the German word for village. In this project, the artist was trying to portray how villages became an important demographic area after houses started to be inhabited by the Austro-Hungarian empire. The irony of this is that now people are leaving Slavonia for Germany, in search of a better life, and the historic houses are the first ones to decay. It is a series of photos of architecture and nature. 


The winner of 1st place in the category “Creative” is the series “Mellow Apocalypse”, by the artist Alnis Stakle. For this category, Stakle has created a series of collages full of images of the open source collections at art museums, and scientific institutions among others. She said, “I am interested in the fate of canonised artistic, scientific and journalistic images and their potential to embody contemporary meanings”. 

Documentary Projects 

The winner of 1st place in the category “Documentary Projects” is the series “The Children of the Financial Collapse in Venezuela” by the artist Jan Grarup. About this set of photographs, he explained that after the financial crisis in Venezuela, many people have been left without any access to health, food, water, and shelter and that children are the ones who suffer it the most. 

 Environment ​

For this category, the winner, Shunta Kimura, created a series of photographs called “Living in the Transition”. In these photographs, taken in Bangladesh in 2021, he tried to portray one of the most vulnerable areas to climate change. He explains that many citizens suffer the consequences of climate change and that the purpose of this set of pictures is to show the world the situation that people are living in quiet transition. 


For this category, the winner, Lorenzo Poli, created a series of photographs called “Life On Earth” in which he tried to portray the beauty of nature and the miracle of life. In this set, we can find pictures of trees, lakes, mountains, and the ocean. 

 Still Life 

In the 2nd place in this category is Cletus Nelson Nwadike, who created a set of photographs called “From Nigeria to Nässjö”. This series of photographs was dedicated to the artist’s mother, who died in September 2021. The artist claims that his mother was refused a visa to visit him because of the author’s poor salary: he is a photographer. 

 Wildlife and Nature 

The winner of this category, Milan Radisics, created a set of pictures called “The Fox's Tale”, in which he claims that taking these photographs took him around 8 months. He took these pictures from his cottage located in the middle of the forest. The vixen that appears in the picture appeared around an hour and a half and he named her Roxy. He states that “both sides were forced to adjust: man to the wilds of the forest, animals to the human environment.” 

Here, we have shown you some of the categories that participated in this competition, but some others were left out. As you have seen, all of the categories can show the artist's emotions and feelings through these pictures. If you are interested in photography and want to learn more about the techniques used to get the perfect picture, then you should get a degree in photography. 

By earning a degree in photography, you will learn about the basic skills and features needed to be a good photographer. Besides, you will be able to combine different creative, conceptual, and critical processes so that you earn your personal vision in photography. 

 Where can I Study? 

In Australia, there are different places in which you can earn a degree in photography, whether it has an online modality or not. Here are some of the options you have: 

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